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ATV Rental in Los Angeles

Looking for ATV rental in Los Angeles ? With 900+ 5-star reviews across Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Yelp, we are confident you will have a blast! If you are looking for an exciting adventure, look no further.  Wild Desert Tours offers ATV tour Los Angeles County Area.   Guest can choose from our 19-Mile or 28-Mile Jackrabbit Tour, along with the latest off-road vehicles BRP Can-Am has to offer.  We have 6 different models with different levels of performance and seating arrangements. These vehicles have 2 to 4 seats and range from 91 to 172 horsepower.  Our available models include Commander 800 XT (1-2 Riders), Maverick 1000 XRS (1-2 Riders), X3 Turbo XRS (1-2 Riders), X3 Max Turbo (3-4 Riders), X3 Max Turbo DS (3-4 Riders), and X3 Max Turbo RS (3-4 Riders).  (Note: Can-Am X3 models include “Maverick” at the beginning of the model’s name).  These off-road vehicles are known as Side by Sides or UTVs and are much safer than the traditional ATV.  In a UTV: 1) you are strapped in with a seatbelt and 2) there is a roll cage covering the top of the vehicle to keep drivers and passengers safe in the case of an accident.  Safety is our #1 concern, so all participants will start the tour by participating in an hour-long orientation and prep before getting behind the wheel. All our vehicles are limited to 50 mph as the top speed, and guests are not required to go this fast.  Common guest feedback after tours, includes exciting conversation with how these vehicles can perform over the diverse desert trails.  For many, our tours are the highlight of their vacation, and often we have local customers coming back months later because of the adrenaline rush Wild Desert Tours provides.  Keep in mind that we are family friendly and often do private tours for those looking for ATV tour Los Angeles .  ATV Rental in Los Angeles is also considered a “bonding” activity, so in addition to being a perfect outdoor family activity, people who are on dates, visiting friends or family, having a birthday, or celebrating an anniversary are frequent guests.

UTV Rental Los Angeles

Come enjoy an experience you’ve never had!  When people vacation or visit California, the question often gets asked of ATV riding in Los Angeles .  If you are up for a wild adventure in an outdoor setting, Wild Desert Tours is the premium choice for UTV Rental Los Angeles .  Whether you were looking for AVT Rentals, ATV Tours, UTV Rental, UTV Tours, Jeep Tours, Date Nights, or Family Adventures, we are confident that you be happy choosing us.  Why stay indoors?  Enjoy an outdoor activity with friends and family instead.  Off road in a vehicle that has incredible performance, beyond what you knew possible.  For those who aren’t focused on vehicle performance, but rather scenic views, we have a tour for you.   Guests navigate their vehicle behind a tour guide (but at their own pace), so whether scenic or performance oriented, we can adjust to your preference.  We often get asked what type of animals guest will see on our tours.  Wildlife seen on our tours include Desert Kit Fox, Coyote, Black-Tailed Jackrabbit, Ground Squirrel, Kangaroo Rat, White-Footed Mouse, and Desert Tortoise.  If rarer animals are seen on the tour, the tour guide will often stop the tour and encourage guests to take photos.  Regardless of if you see a rare animal, you can always get some amazing photos at the halfway point of the tour.  On a side note, the halfway point of the tour is also when bottled water is provided.  If you are interested in seeing photos of other guests’ experiences, please visit our gallery page.  We are also on Instagram account @wilddeserttours Most customers agree that our 19-Mile Jackrabbit Tour was one of the most exciting UTV rental Los Angeles . We also offer our 28-Mile Jackrabbit Tour, for those looking for ATV riding in Los Angeles , which offers a little more diversity in terrain.  

Things to do in San Bernardino

We are extremely grateful for the 900+ reviews our customers have left for our side by side tours for customers looking for things to do in San Bernardino  At Wild Desert Tours, we strive every day to prove ourselves the premium choice for off roading enthusiasts and newcomers alike.  Located in Helendale, California, we are approximately a 1.5 – 2-hour drive from Orange County and Los Angeles.  We even see guests come as far as San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Palm Springs.  But it’s worth the drive!  If you live in or find yourself visiting southern California, come on by!   People are always looking for the latest adrenaline rush, and as more and more people are finding out about ATV tours and UTV tours, these activities have significantly increased in popularity.  Although ATV riding and UTV riding is one of the best adrenaline rushes, the cost of ownership for these high-end off roading vehicles is “through the roof”.  Unless the desert is your backyard or you live in San Bernardino , many first-time off-road vehicle purchasers that reside in Los Angeles County or Orange County, sequentially need to buy storage, a trailer, and sometimes even a truck or SUV to accommodate their new purchase.  As you can imagine, these costs stack up fast.  Why spend tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t need to!  Wild Desert Tours is proud to provide the public the thrill of driving these extreme vehicles over incredible terrain.   We are very gratefully for our partnerships with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and BRP Can-Am, as they have helped us provide the public with this incredible experience.  We offer weekday Tours at 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM, and 6:30 PM.  Weekend tours are offered at 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM, and 6 PM.  Get Wild Desert Tours off your bucket list and enjoy one of the best things to do in san bernardino !



10-Mile Tour -  Save $20:
19-Mile Tour - Save $40:
28-Mile Tour - Save $60:
Military - Save 10%
Book > 30 days in Advance - Save 20%
Book > 60 days in Advance - Save 25%


*Military/California ID must be provided on day of tour for verification.

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