Experience UTV rentals los angeles in an unforgettable off-roading adventure as you and your group follow the tour guide on a 19-to-42 mile tour through the Mojave Desert's wildly diverse terrain.  We are located in Helendale California, but nearby counties include Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, & Riverside County.  


Drive some of Can Am's most extreme off-roading vehicles during the day OR at night!  These off-road vehicles are commonly known as Side-By-Sides or UTVs (and provide much more protection and safety than a traditional ATV). 


Our popular Jackrabbit Tour comes with 19, 25, or 42 mile options. Don't expect flat dirt trails for this tour.  Riding UTV rentals Los Angeles California, Anticipate twists and turns, ups & downs, and uneven terrain with loose or hard packed sand.  Fauna seen on this tour include: lizards, squirrels, jackrabbits, snakes, desert tortoises, and foxes (from most to least common).  We can accommodate group sizes from 1 to 9 people.  Day or Night tours available.


If you have a little more time, our Kramer Hills Tour is quite an experience.  Similar to our Jackrabbit Tour in regards to the variety of terrain and fauna, this tour also includes many Joshua Trees and a few small mountain climbs.  One of the mountain climbs has a 3,350 foot elevation with an incredible view.  This tour is currently available for 2-3 people max and is only available during the day.  


We use the latest technology from Sena, the 30K headset.  These headsets let you have a real-time intercom experience with everyone on the tour even if they are in a separate vehicle.  Helmets are equipped with built-in sunglasses for bright, mid-day tours.

Through the real-time intercom, our tour guides can alert drivers of upcoming terrain and obstacles to help promote an accident-free UTV rentals Los Angeles experience.

Side-by-sides have multiple Go-Pro mounts installed for different viewpoints.  Bring your own GoPro or rent one from us! 

UTV Rentals Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book a tour today?

Call or text 760-475-9358 to check for availability. Our online booking system only allows bookings for the next day and beyond. Also, we may have more tour availability than our online booking shows, so call us if it doesn't look like the time you want to go is available.

Can we book multiple vehicles for the same tour?

Yes. When you are checking out with your first vehicle, there is a field that asks "Do You Need Additional Vehicles for Your Tour? (Answer "Yes" or "No"). If additional vehicles are needed, one of our team members will contact you after you book.

Do we get to drive?

Of course!!

Is there an age limit to drive?

Yes, drivers must have a valid drivers license. Drivers under 18 must be cosigned by parent.

Can I bring my kids?

California Law states that passengers must be able to reach and hold both handholds in the side-by-side. We recommend children no younger than 6 participate, but keep in mind that the tour can be too intense for some kids. We also offer an additional $20 discount per child (15 and under) on top of our current coupons. **You must call 760-475-9358 to get this discount.

What should I bring for the tour?

All drivers must bring a valid driver's license with matching credit card. *Credit/Debit card used for tour purchase must be present on day of tour for verification. Shoes are required (no slippers or sandals). Dress appropriately for the weather.

What is your cancelation policy?

(> 72 hours): full refund or free tour reschedule (24 to 72 hours): 75% refund or $40 tour reschedule fee (12 to 24 hours): 50% refund or $60 tour reschedule fee (< 12 hours): 25% refund or $80 tour reschedule fee

How can we communicate with our tour guide during the tour?

Every helmet comes equipped with the latest technology headsets, allowing high-definition, live intercom. The tour guide will drive ahead of you during the tour, instructing you through your helmet, which turns to take and obstacles to avoid. Backup radios are also stored in each vehicle.

What is provided on the tours?

Coffee, tea, and bottled water is provided during safety orientation/prep. Helmets and gloves are provided for the tour. On-site bathroom is available.

What happens if we get a flat tire?

Spare tires are brought on tour. Tour guide will replace tire in field. *Driver will be responsible for tire repair/replacement if insurance not purchased.

What happens if one of the vehicles breaks down?

This is an extremely rare occasion...especially with a tour guide present. If vehicle cannot be fixed on-the-spot, it can be towed back with tour guide's side-by-side. Tour can resume with new vehicle or tour may be rescheduled.

How fast can we drive?

Tour speeds are limited to 45-50 mph. This is very fast for off-roading. However, most trails are not flat and only allow speeds of 10-25 mph. Drivers are responsible for adjusting speed to terrain conditions.

Where hotels are nearby?

There are hotels in Victorville (about 25 mins from business), as well as an 8-bed 8-bath, on-site AirBnb

What happens if I damage the vehicle?

We highly recommend customers drive vehicles appropriate to terrain conditions. However, if driving behavior is too aggressive and vehicle rolls over or collides with another vehicle, drivers are responsible for 100% of repair costs. Costs for repairs range from $1,500 to $10,000, depending on extent of damage.

What if I show up late for a tour?

(> 25 mins): automatic tour cancellation or $30 late arrival fee (Depends on tour schedule) (> 50 mins): automatic tour cancellation or $60 late arrival fee (Depends on tour schedule) Please call (760) 475-9358 if you are going to be late, so determination of tour cancellation or late fee will be appropriate. *If automatic tour cancellation is required, cancellation policy will be enforced.

Do you offer insurance?

Insurance may be purchased on day of tour for $40 per vehicle. It covers the most commonly damaged parts including: tires, mirrors, and axle boots. If insurance is not purchased and damage occurs, customers are required to pay for repairs. ***Insurance DOES NOT cover rollovers, flips, or any major damage.

How much is the Damage Deposit?

The industry standard for a damage deposit ranges from $2,000 - $3,000 per vehicle. After the vehicle is returned "accident free", the deposit is refunded back. At Wild Desert Tours we do not charge the damage deposit, and then refund it after the tour; but rather, we verify the card you put on file has balance of at least $2,500. In the event that there was an accident, the card on file would then be charged the damage deposit amount. The reason why we do not charge and then refund the damage deposit, is because: 1). Most of our guests are not involved in accidents 2). Guests do not like to wait 1- 4 business days for the refund to show up 3). Large groups that reserve 3-5 vehicles would normally have to pay $6,000+ in damage deposits Multiple credit/debit cards may be combined to reach minimum damage deposit requirements. If you do not have the minimum balance on your credit/debit card, someone from your party may cosign for you.

Can we switch drivers on the tour?

Yes, we allow drivers to switch out during our tour breaks. Below is the maximum breaks we can take per tour: 19-Mile Jackrabbit Tour - 1 break 28-Mile Jackrabbit Tour - 2 breaks 42-Mile Jackrabbit Tour - 3 breaks