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ATV Rental Orange County

Damage Deposit Policy
Damage Deposit Policy

Wild Desert Tours offers some of the latest off-roading vehicles that are on the market.  Since regular insurance doesn't cover accidents (and these vehicles cost $25,000 - $40,000 each), damage deposits are an industry-wide requirement.  Our damage deposits range from $2,500 - $5,000 per vehicle.  We hold the damage deposit with a pre-authorization charge, so the funds are only held for a couple of hours and can be released immediately after the tour.  

Damage Deposits:

  • $2,500: Commander 700 XT     (Blue Bird)

  • $3,000: X3 Turbo Models          (Red Falcon, Blue Falcon, Desert Falcon)

  • $3,500: X3 MAX Turbo Models  (Blue Hawk & Sky Hawk)

  • $5,000: X3 Turbo RR Models     (River Falcon & Desert Hawk)

If you do not have enough to cover the damage deposit on your credit/debit card, someone from your party may cosign for you.  We also allow multiple cards to be combined to meet the deposit requirements.

For groups that get multiple vehicles:

  • Each driver may place their credit/debit card on file to cover their own damage deposit, depending on vehicle model



  • One or two participants in the group may cover the damage deposit for all drivers in the group.  This reduces the deposit as such:

    • $5,000:  2 vehicles combined (excluding Turbo RR models)

    • $6,000:  3 vehicles combined (excluding Turbo RR models)

    • $7,000:  Any 2 vehicles combined (including Turbo RR models)

    • $8,000:  Any 3 vehicles combined (including Turbo RR models)

CancellationReschedule Policy
Cancellation Policy

Click here to cancel

Click here to reschedule

More than 3 days (> 72 hours):

2-3 days (48 to 72 hours):

1-2 days (24 to 48 hours): 

Less than 1 day (< 24 hours): 


*If Peek Protection is purchased when you book online, you may cancel at any time for any reason.  If you already purchased Peek Protection and would like to cancel your tour, cancellation must be done through the email sent by Peek Protection.  Peek Protection will refund approximately 80% of the vehicle(s) & ticket(s) cost.  

90% refund OR 100% store credit for future reschedule 

75% refund OR 95% store credit for future reschedule

50% refund OR 70% store credit for future reschedule

25% refund OR 60% store credit for future reschedule

Late Arrival Policy
Late Arrival Policy

(20 to 30 mins)

  • $30 late arrival fee


(30 to 45 mins)

  • $50 late arrival fee

  • or 50% refund

  • or 80% store credit (for future reschedule)

Payment Verification Policy

Credit/Debit card used for payment must be present on day of tour for verification


If you will not be present on day of tour, the following steps must be completed:

  • Take a "selfie" of yourself, holding your drivers license (or state ID) AND credit/debit card used for purchase.  *Note: image must be clear enough to verify

Payment Verificaton
ID/Credit Card Verification Example
  • Email photo to OR  text photo to (760) 475-9358.  Include your full name and "Booking ID" in message.

  • Wait for confirmation.  Once your photo has been verified with your order, we will message you.

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